Super Mario World ROM Hacks

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Mario is a series of platforming games about the wacky adventures of an Italian plumber to save a princess from a giant fire-breathing turtle. I think you already know this, so now it's time for...

Hacks! There are so many Mario games online hacks out there that have been made by users and fans alike, but not all of them get mentioned in the community very often. So here are 5 simple Super Mario World ROM hacks you probably haven't heard or used before:

1) Any SMB1 hack by the Super Mario World Central forums community

What is it? This part is cheating a bit, but there are so many SMB1 hacks out there that are worth looking at! Most of these are just palette swaps, but some have unique level designs or gimmicks you won't see in NES+SNES platformers.

2) The Plumber Brothers by vivify

What is it?: This world consists of four levels, each made with the basic SMW tileset but with unique gimmicks that are not seen in any official Nintendo game. It has some pretty novel ideas for 2D platformers on the SNES, but don't expect too much from it as they are poorly implemented or executed.

3) Super Luigi Land (Super Mario World Hacks) by Ripperon-X

What is it? Everyone plays as Luigi in the original Super Mario World, but what if you had to play as him not through a simple palette swap, but with an entirely new level design? This hack adds many new areas and challenges that are only accessible when playing as Luigi (he jumps higher and falls slower), making it feel like a completely different game! It's definitely worth checking out for those who never got tired of the original SMW.

4) Special World by OGS93

What is it? A hidden world containing 9 extra levels, extra enemies and even a new final boss? It's accessible by beating the game once (with all 96 exits), or cheat codes (Walk Right Through Walls & More). It turns the levels similar to a flashy live casino. These levels mostly follow SMW`s level design but with some odd twists that keep them unique.

5) Super Mario World: Super Frog

What is it? This hack takes the basic Mario experience and adds an entirely new twist to it! You play as Sam The Toad instead of Mario, collect a fire flower item to become Super Sam, and explore a bunch of never before seen areas! There is also a multiplayer battle mode that supports up to four players! One of the best things about this hack is that it keeps classic Mario elements intact while adding so much more to the gameplay! I definitely recommend you check out this one if you`re a fan of Super Mario World.

This concludes my list of simple, but fun ROM hacks. Like I said at the start, there are a lot of great SMW hacks out there, and these 5 just scratch the surface.