Games Like Mario: List of 5 Games Similar To Super Mario

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There are many games like Mario. There are certain characteristics that all such games need to be considered alternate Marios. The most important of these is a sense of timing and platforming accuracy. If you're the sort who wants your character moved automatically around, then these types of games aren't for you. These require a bit more player involvement and skill than that. Still, it isn't too hard to pick up on their rules and gameplay elements after playing through them only once or twice... well, except for number 1. That one might take a little while longer... but we'll get there in good time!

1: Flash Element TD

This is our starting point here at number 1 because it's the most different of all the games listed. Its gameplay elements are similar to Mario in that you're faced with multiple levels and you must get past obstacles on each level, but aside from that Flash Element TD is a typical tower defence game. You place down towers among a path between your base and an enemy base and you buy upgrades to your towers as they gain power over time.

2: Super Tux Kart

A bit like Mario kart, this racing game has players take control of various animals who drive go-karts through 3D courses filled with coins, traps, boosts, shortcuts, etc. Only it seems much easier than Mario kart... at first anyway. It requires more driving than one might expect at first glance.

3: Super Pang

A game like super Mario where you control your character on a platform and try not to get hit by bouncing balls. Also, it has an adventure mode with its own levels, bosses, etc! Like the arcade classic Buster Bros/Pang, you can also use power-ups that work for an area of time or just one life to give yourself various advantages over the "smart" AIs that will send dozens of balls flying at you... including heat-seeking missiles!

4: Bubble Bobble

Another game very much like Mario is Bubble bobble. You control two little dinosaurs who shoot bubbles to trap enemies before jumping on them or throwing them into other traps. It's a little more limited than Mario in that you only have to trap enemies before jumping on them, but it's just as challenging! We would describe it as similar to video slots games.

5: Dynamite Jack

This is the game where even if you get past all the levels and kill all the bad guys, there are always still some left for you to blast your way out of the planet. It's a typical top-down stealth/action game with two modes - Action and Stealth. Action is when you're going through a level killing everything in sight while trying not to die yourself. In Stealth mode, though, you go through a level trying not to be seen by any guards or security cameras... sort of like an ersatz Metal Gear Solid.

In conclusion, there are many games similar to Super Mario games online. Most of them are platformers or side-scrolling games, but a few involve other types of gameplay elements too.